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FreeFrame 1.5

After much debate, coding and testing, the FreeFrame developers are proud to present FreeFrame 1.5 also known as FreeFrameGL or FFGL. FreeFrame 1.5 includes extensions to FreeFrame 1.0 that enable real time rendering of stunning graphics and video effects with OpenGL compatible graphics cards ("GPUs").

Thanks to the enormous graphics processing power in todays' GPUs, FreeFrame 1.5 plugins using OpenGL run at much higher resolutions and frame rates than older FreeFrame 1.0 plugins. With OpenGLs' 3D functions and pixel shader programs, many new and exciting visual effects are possible and we are excited to see what plugin developers will create.

FreeFrame 1.5 also includes a timing function that enables hosts and plugins to reliably render time-dependent visual effects like particle systems and physical simulations. Whether you are running in real time at 60 frames per second or rendering a 25fps video to your hard drive, the new timing function ensures that you'll get accurate and predictable results.

Sample projects for Windows (MSVC, Delphi) and Macintosh (XCode) are provided to demonstrate basic plugin programming and hosting. Many FreeFrame plugins are provided with source code so that others can see exactly how real time video effects are written.

To learn more about FreeFrame, check out the FreeFrame website, and the new freeframe plugin database at

Developers interested in writing FreeFrameGL plugins or hosts can download the SDK directly.
The latest FreeFrameGL specification can be found here on sourceforge.
Find more development information and access the complete code repository on the SourceForge site.

Thanks to everyone that has made this possible

The FreeFrame 1.5 team:
Trey Harrison (Salvation)
Russell Blakeborough (Camart - VJamm)
Edwin de Koning (Resolume)
Gabor Papp
John Day (Camart - VJamm)
Bart van der Ploeg (Resolume)
Marcus Clements (Brightonart)
Julian Hone (Camart - VJamm)
Thomas Hellesen
Tom Bassford
Pete Warden

With lots of help from the rest of the FreeFrame community.

Freeframe is currently supported in the following host applications:

Checkout the FFRend opensource freeframe rendering application which lets you chain multiple plugins and render their output to avi files - FFRend now alows you to compile MetaPlugins which enable complex effects to be built from existing freeframe plugins, these metaplugins can then be used in any freeframe host.

There are over 200 FreeFrame plugins available from a diverse range of developers - see the participants page for details of people involved in the project and the downloads page for links to the plugins.

FreeFrame is an open standard that we set up to make it possible for developers to make plugins very easily that will work in a large number of different VJ applications. We have published sample projects for Delphi, MSVC, GCC and other environments that compile to give you a simple plugin. Also, many of the FreeFrame plugins are open source, so you can see how it's done. FreeFrame development is hosted by SourceForge, the open source movement's dev. HQ. To find out more about FreeFrame development, please visit the FreeFrame SourceForge site. Or for a quick start you can download the FreeFrame SDK.

All the open source code that we have collectively produced is stored up there in CVS. You can browse the latest versions of our code on the web, or get code and binary downloads at the sourceforge site. We also have the public FreeFrame forums and lots more up there.

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