:open-source cross-platform real-time video effects plugin system.


Developer Downloads
Plugin developers can find sample code as well as the plugin tester and other development tools over at the freeframe sourceforge page. please note that the downloads may be out of date - it is always best to check the CVS repository for the latest developments.
Also have a look at the freeframe SDK which is available here

End User Downloads
There is a growing collection of FreeFrame plugins - some are free, some are commercially available. This is the list of downloads that we are currently aware of (although a more upto date list can be found at the VJamm FreeFrame Forum) - if you have know of other plugins and wish to see them in this list please contact us.

Bigfug plugins - some good plugins from Alex May, Alex has also produced an excellent new after effects host

Alice homeostat - AI colour changing plugin by Alice Eldrige

resolume plugins - Eddie's effects

MadreManya Plugins - 2 plugins by Eloi and Russell

Pete's plugins - the classic original MMX optimised freeframe plugs

patchbox - a network streaming plugin by bigfug

IntrinsicFX - 170+ plugins from Thomas Hellesen

Tantric plugins - 2 fractal plugins from Billy Rood

Syzygy plugins - plugins from Syzygy Visuals

VisualJockey host - Pdoom's visualjockey freeframe host plugin (allows you to run FF effects in vJo)

Adobe After Effects host - Pete Warden's After effects freeframe host plugin (allows you to run FF effects in AE)

vvFFPP - Plugins from vvarp.

Gabor's Plugins - Opensource plugins for linux platform

inside-us-all plugins - inside-us-all's plugin pack.

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